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The Team:

Miss M Bujaki, Mrs C Charman, Ms J Chase, Mrs L Edwards, Miss C Evans, Miss L Evans, Mr R Hanton-Rutherford

This one year GCSE course (Exam Board: WJEC) offered to students in Year 9 provides the chance to study Geography, History and Religious Studies within a single course.  Research and enquiry skills will be developed, the ability to discuss and debate will also be developed and decision-making skills will improve.  At the same time, issues important to humanity will be explored and examined at a range of different levels.

The course consists of: Geography 4 lessons, History 4 lessons and Religious Studies 2 lessons.


  •  Extreme climatic events - the cause and impact of hurricanes
  • Natural disasters (earthquakes) and their impact on society
  • Global warming, climate change and its impact on society
  • Population patterns
  • Urban land use
  • Urbanisation and tackling problems in urban spaces (e.g. space, traffic, regeneration, poverty).

At the end of the year students will sit a 1 hour Geography exam worth 25% of the final GCSE grade.


  • Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis
  • Vietnam War – costs and impact on domestic policies and society
  • Condition of life for black people after 1945 – segregation, discrimination in housing, the influence of the KKK and the impact of war
  • Iconic political events: Kennedy’s assassination and the impact of the Watergate scandal on the US political system.

Again, at the end of the one year course a 1 hour History exam, worth 25% of the final GCSE grade, will be taken.

Religious Studies

  • Comparison of Christianity and Islam, with a focus on places of worship
  • Birth, marriage, divorce
  • How each religion copes individually with poverty and inequality.

The final exam, based on Religious Studies, will again be sat at the end of the one year course and will be worth 25% of the final GCSE grade. The three exams combined equate to 75% of the Humanities GCSE grade.

Controlled Assessment

This is a planned enquiry, based on one of the following topics:

  • Comparison of Christianity and Islam, with a focus on places of worship
  • Tourism, travel and leisure
  • Conflict and co-operation
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • The changing world of work.

These reports will be internally assessed by the College and represent the final 25% of the Humanities GCSE.

GCSE Humanities provides the skills that employers are looking for. GCSE Humanities is the perfect stepping stone to help students decide which Humanities GCSE (History, Geography) they might want to take in Year 10!

Curriculum Information