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AS Level

A2 Level

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Law Making and the Legal System

The Concept of Liability

Criminal Law; Fatal and Non-fatal Offences

Tort Law and Concepts of Law

Weighting to overall A Level

50% of AS

25% of A Level

50% of AS

25% of A Level

25% of A Level

25% of A Level

How Examined

90 minute exam

90 minute exam

90 minute exam

120 minute exam

What issues do we learn about on the course?

Unlike other A Level subjects, 50% of Law A Level is taken at the end of Year 12 which counts towards the final A Level grade at the end of Year 13.  This makes revising for the exams more manageable.

What do our current A Level students say about the subject and why did they pick it?

 "I first discovered that I enjoyed law in Year 11 when I took it as an enrichment subject, and knew then that I would have to pursue it further.  I was massively drawn in by the debates on current affairs relating to law but had very little legal knowledge so found I didn’t fully understand a lot of the issues. This course has given me a detailed understanding of our legal system and its relevance to everyday life.  It has allowed me to improve not only my debating skills but my writing generally as scenario questions require the journey from introduction to conclusion (verdict). ).  I started A Level planning on studying English at University but have now changed and will be studying Law.  The Law department has been consistent in providing useful resources and dedicating their time to us which has been very encouraging all year."  Holly - current Law student



"I have been accepted onto a policing course.  Learning about fatal and non-fatal offences gave me a real advantage during the application process and is what made me interested in becoming a police officer in the first place.  The head of department is a law specialist which meant he could really tailor my reference to help me get onto the course by emphasising how I have gained relevant knowledge throughout the course.George - current Law student.



 "Law is an interesting and gratifying subject.  I have enjoyed the topics in which you are challenged to apply the knowledge of law to some often quite extreme and bizarre scenarios.  The teachers make lessons entertaining, and always try to engage students in outgoing activities.  The skills I have learnt during the course, like problem solving and logical thinking, will apply to the Maths with Physics degree I wish to pursue at university."  Ruth - current Law student

And if you plan on taking Law at university, you should do yourself a favour and study it at A Level as it gives you a massive advantage over those that are studying it at University for the first time, especially if you have to sit a legal entry exam to get on the course.  Past students that are now studying Law at University:

Law qualifications open up doors to many careers, like with these people below:

What qualifications do I need to take the course?

Minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade A*-C (or equivalent).


Further study of Law or related subjects in higher education and a range of different career paths.  For example Barrister, Teacher, Armed Forces, Company Secretary, Legal Executive, Solicitor, Police Officer, Civil Servant, Retail and Business. 

So, in summary, why take Law at Collingwood:

  • It is extremely interesting
  • You will be well taught
  • More students from working/middle class backgrounds should take law
  • Your future prospects will be good
  • You love to participate in a good debate/argument!
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