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Key Stage 5

Collingwood has a team of skilled practitioners with the ideal qualities to effectively teach History at the intellectually demanding A Level standard, all boasting excellent academic backgrounds.

Mr C Magness (Head of Social Science) and Miss L Evans (History Specialist).

Course Offered

At Collingwood we offer both History at AS and A Level standard.  Please do note, that the AS does not feed into the A Level qualification, they are separate qualifications.

A Level Qualification


What is Taught?

How are you Assessed

Course Weighting

Breadth Study

The Tudors: 1485-1603

150 minutes exam, 3 questions

40% of A Level

Depth study

Russia in Revolution: 1917-53

150 minutes exam, 3 questions

40% of A Level


American Civil Rights

3500 word essay

20% of A Level

AS Level Qualification

Please note there is an option to complete your History studies at the end of Year 12 by taking AS standard exams and not continuing into Year 13 to sit A Level standard exams.


What taught

How assessed

Course weighting

Breadth Study

The Tudors: 1485-1547

90 minute exam, 2 questions

50% of AS Level

Depth study

Russia in Revolution: 1917-29

90 minute exam, 2 questions

50% of AS Level

What Do We Learn About?

Let’s face it, History is EXCITING; politics, passion, betrayal, murder, violence, affairs, scandals revenge and so on!  It also makes you realise how our leaders today repeat the mistakes of the past and sometimes even learn from them.

Tudors Unit - Year 12:

Tudors Unit - Year 13:

Russia Unit - Year 12:

Russia Unit - Year 13:

Coursework Unit - Year 13:

There will be a programme of study based on the progression of American civil rights in the context of African Americans and Native Americans.  You will then choose your own more focussed area of study that is of interest to you, drawing from:

  • The legacy of slavery in the USA
  • Cultural and economic ‘genocide’ of Native Americans
  • Attempts to achieve equality for minority groups in American following the abolition of slavery and settlement of whites
  • Flashpoint events in the 20th century
  • Social, economic and political position of minority groups today.

Is it for me?

If you enjoy matters of debate, and have a love of politics then you will love this course.  Similarly, if you are a ‘people person’ and enjoy finding out about the experiences of people in the past, then the course has plenty to offer you.

Also, take the course if you need A Level subjects that are respected by employers and universities alike, especially if you are considering applying for a competitive course; good universities love students who have studied History at A Level!

If you enjoy to learn in a way whereby the teachers encourage you to think, debate and contribute to lively class discussions, rather than sitting in a chair just making notes, then you will enjoy the lessons.


We will be consulting with Year 12 students regarding a combined trip with the Law Department to the USA in the 2016-2017 academic year.

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